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I use the skills and strategies Erich taught me in his Sales Negotiation Training constantly, both personally and professionally. Erich has changed the way I approach every single interaction. His collaborative negotiating strategies can be applied in any situation, and they have been instrumental in my team's performance. Thanks Erich!”
Garreth Condron

Technical Sales Representative at Composites One

Erich's negotiation training brought me practical tools that immediately impacted a critical customer negotiation I was conducting. Application of Erich's training accelerated a real-life win-win deal for me, my company and my customer. The role-play portions of the class were crafted brilliantly to cultivate a real-life experience, like a scrimmage before 'the big game.' I heartily encourage anyone looking to sharpen their negotiation skills, where a rookie or a seasoned veteran, to sign up for The Negotiation Experience!
David Donkin

Director, Wastewater Solutions at United Conveyor Corporation

Negotiation is what I do most of the time as a Mediator. Yet, I learned so much from attending Erich's Negotiation Training. I find the assessment and report "Conflict Mode Instrument" quite helpful. The training teaches us how to read situations with different personalities and negotiation styles which I found powerful in any business setting and work environment. My gratitude to Erich for sharing his deep knowledge with me.
Nhi Aronheim

Marketing Specialist at Citywide Home Loans

I recently took Erich's Negotiation Experience class and it was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had throughout college and my professional career. In 12 hours of time over 3, 4 hour sessions I learned more about selling styles and techniques through Erich's real world stories and role play than I knew was possible. If you are looking to take your selling to the next level, do yourself a favor and sign up for this class.
Andrew Nightingale

Account Executive at DocuSign

The sales & procurement negotiation training seminar that Erich taught was an invaluable experience to me. From providing the foundation to using preparation skills to introducing different negotiation techniques gave me the confidence and competence at the negotiation table. I can honestly say that your seminar has rounded me to become a more rounded professional. Thanks Erich!
Tomasz C.

Operations Manager at Amazon

Erich's negotiation skills training course was well worth the time and cost. I came away learning a little bit more about myself (strengths and weaknesses), new ways of thinking about my negotiation counterpart, and tools to use for future negotiations. Abundant class time was dedicated to role playing to practice the concepts taught, which was a great way for class participants to learn from each other. I’ve recommended this class to my peers in the local procurement community. Thank you, Erich!
Melinda Hubbard

Associate Director - Discovery Research Procurement at Takeda

I recently took his Negotiation Experience training. Erich is a very effective teacher of a practical and effective negotiation process that he developed with his expertise and experiences. I highly recommend his course as it will be very beneficial to my career as the knowledge will greatly improve my ability to negotiate.
John Barickman

Sr. Manager Procurement Excellence at Avery Dennison

I had a fantastic experience participating in Erich's profitable negotiation training course. I was lucky enough to experience this twice and cannot wait to put this to practice! Erich is a passionate teacher and truly cares about the success of the people he trains. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is responsible for negotiating in their career. You will not be disappointed!
Shane Khalaf

Director, Enterprise Sales at Capstone Logistics

A true storyteller! I learned a lot from Erich's training and feel more confident and prepared when it comes to working together with my clients to understand their challenges, develop robust solutions and create long-lasting relationships. I will carry this knowledge with me throughout my career!"
Crystal Gibbes

Sales Executive at C.H.Robinson



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