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I just recently completed Erich’s Negotiation Training course and highly recommend it for everyone in your organization regardless of level of experience (I have had 33 years of negotiations in my various roles in my company, including Purchasing and Project Management and I came away with a lot of insights!). Erich will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone by role playing different negotiation scenarios, which helps build confidence (essential in negotiating as you will learn!) and is also a very effective way to learn what works and doesn’t work and have it stick in your memory in the long term. You really can’t afford to not take this course! I’m confident that the investment will be paid off in the very first real-world negotiation that you are involved in after taking this course. I really did start using what I learned the very next day back in the office.
Sean Merlo

Vice President, Projects and Service at UCC Environmental

The Negotiation Presentation that I attended recently by Erich Rifenburgh was the best of its kind that I have ever experienced. It was captivating, full of insight, and rich on practical application. This is an absolute must for anyone needing to hone and sharpen their negotiation skills. -Tom Hopkins, Professional Speaker and Author of Fit Forever Book Series
Tom Hopkins

Wellness Consultant, Professional Speake at FIT FOREVER book series

I highly recommend Erich’s Negotiation Experience to anyone who wants to elevate their own career paths. Erich is clearly passionate, professional, a great presenter, and very well-organized. The course was led at a good pace and there was a healthy balance between lecture and role play to solidify lessons. I also found credibility in Erich’s way of engaging us through his personal story-telling and anchoring them back to the principles of negotiation. Erich helped us build a very strategic negotiation framework. He provided constructive feedback throughout our role play interactions and video analysis, which was valuable considering so many of us had different personalities and negotiation styles. You will leave the course feeling invested and more confident to achieve a more powerful rapport with your colleagues, customers, and suppliers...and you will leave wanting more. I look forward to LAM! Thanks again, Lia C. McNulty
Lia Cangelosi McNulty

Business Development Manager at Hearthside Food Solutions

I recently completed Erich’s negotiations training course. I wish I had such training much earlier in my career. It was the most valuable, directly applicable negotiations education that I experienced.
Marko Dimitrijevic

Program Manager at HPtuners

Our global sales team recently took Erich's Negotiation Experience class and learned a great deal about negotiation principles and strategies from the perspective of both seller and buyer. Erich and his team were highly organized and very well prepared with materials presented in advance and well thought out role playing scenarios to practice and learn from. Not only was the content very well crafted, Erich also dug in and challenged some of our established ways of thinking that created space for us to reflect and grow. I highly recommend Erich and The Negotiation Experience.
Terry Arbaugh

Vice President, Sales and Marketing at SEACOMP (Displaytech, HDP Power, & MH MFG)

Incredibly impactful training that Erich led. Our entire team was engaged throughout and I would highly recommend Erich and this course to any professional.
Dan Voeller, CSCP

Key Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

I've gone through a number of Negotiations courses throughout my career and I can honestly say that this course led by Erich was one of the best that I've seen. What was different was that Erich obviously spent time researching and understanding our business and customized the experience to address real scenarios that was relevant to us rather than the broad generic approach that most take. He also provided real examples of negotiations that were successful and some that failed and why. It's clear that Erich has been in our shoes and the authenticity really came through. Erich's course was time well spent and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to sharpen the sword on your negotiations skills and achieve better outcomes.
Chad Williams, CSCP

Key Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Erich is that person. I had the opportunity to be part of his negotiation class and he played an integral role in helping me develop my skills in this industry. He positively influenced my career and helped me build confidence in this challenging field. Erich does more than just coaching. He supported me, and still offering his support on every step of the way and never hesitated to lend a helping hand. A sense of understanding perfectly complements his business acumen.
Karol Moreno

Logistics Consultant at C.H. Robinson

Erich's negotiations class was engaging, insightful and full of practical applications to my job and current role. Eric definitely knows what he's doing and did his research so he could tailor my class to give real life applications to my industry. He not only taught me how to be a better negotiator, but also gave me a process to prepare for an upcoming negotiation to make my job easier. I definitely recommend Erich to anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills.
Jim Wasicki, CSCP

Key Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

Erich's real-world knowledge, familiarity and experience of in-the-field work and sales proved to be very valuable in his delivery and direction in this class. He has been exposed to many others in our shoes and has a collection of stories for many scenarios, industries and verticals that kept us captivated! This negotiation class left me with a different viewpoint and some ah-ha moments. Great stuff!
Meghan (Wood) Martland

Key Account Manager at Robinson Worldwide

Erich's course on negotiations is especially useful in learning how to properly prepare, how to know your value and how to effectively reduce the focus on price alone. He certainly did well in helping the class add to their sales tool belt.
Omar Taha

Key Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

Erich's approach to negotiation training is engaging and comprehensive. During the two days of training we received, we spent time discussing the principles of negotiation with tailored practice that resembled real experiences in our industry. It was a great experience and I've been able to put what I learned to work immediately.
Matthew Wallace

Key Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

I took Erich's negotiation class as a part of my organization's Key Account Sales program and it was my favorite topic. Erich was extremely engaging and facilitated an interactive and fun negotiation program. The material we learned is not only applicable to a professional setting. It is something that I have also been able to implement in my personal life. I would highly recommend his services. Negotiation is an art and Erich is excellent at teaching it! Thanks, Erich!
Ashley Laitano

Key Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

Working with Erich helped open my eyes to a lot of unknowns that were crushing my negotiations. The training identified the shortcomings within my own negotiating style. With the provided preparation plan, I am now confident going into negotiations. I would highly recommend his course as it is extremely engaging and practical for the real world!
Zach Truss

at C.H. Robinson

Erich is an excellent negotiation facilitator. I am working as a sales since several years now and he brought me a lot of new skills and for sure I will use his experience to grow mine. He a very good and interesting speaker, I really appreciated to learn with Erich.
Jerome Goujon

Business Development chez at C.H. Robinson

Erich gave me other insights how to approach and negotiate with clients in the process of closing business. It will help me for sure in future negotiations. Erich´s approach during the sessions makes the training an experience.
Kees Jan van de Bree

Senior Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson

Hey Erich, was a pleasure to meet you and learn from your experience, last week we had 2 hard working days but the return on investment is 100%. I will surely put everything I learned into practice, and I highly recommend your training class. Big Thanks!
Andrei Cristian Dinescu

Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson

Thank you, Erich, for the great Negotiations Training! All the valuable knowledge you shared, the BATNA, creating a Trading Plan etc. They will not give up on us!!! Looking forward to our next training.
Annette Wiemann

Regional Sales Manager Western Europe at C.H. Robinson

I had the opportunity to participate in one of Erich's negotiation trainings. He has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share. As a senior sales executive, I need to adapt my negotiation strategy constantly, and I should keep learning new strategies. Erich's training was very informative in that sense. He allowed us to work on different business cases. The training was engaging and interactive because we had the chance to role-play.
Mateusz Puchala

Senior Business Development Manager at C.H. Robinson

Erich is an expert in negociation for anything that belongs to business and human relationships. I really appreciated learning tips, stories and different approaches from him and I'm really looking forward to put to work what I've learned. Really glad I could have have been part of this training class. Merci beaucoup !
Romain Martin

Sales Executive at CH ROBINSON

I really enjoyed the negotiation training with Erich and would recommend it to anyone. The process is very complete with lots of exchanges and story telling. The application of the process through role plays is great.
Rémi Marchese

Strategic sales executive chez at C.H. Robinson

It was a pleasure to take part on a negotiation training with Erich. He is an excellent negotiation trainer. Erich teached us a lot of useful skills. These very helpful negotiation skills are already implemented in my daily work. I really appreciated the two days with Erich. Looking forward to our next training.
Wolfgang Peter

Vertrieb / Sales Manager at Theodolf Fritsche GmbH & Co.

Stimulating, dynamic and challenging sessions in negotiation tailored to the needs of each group. Theory was supported by dozens of real-life anecdotes from Erich's wide commercial experience in industry. I would recommend his courses whatever the level or responsibilities of the group involved - there are opportunities to apply the skills developed immediately and in many different situations.
Iain Jeffrey

at CH Robinson Barcelona

I had great opportunity to be trained by Erich recently and he has shown strong skills in empowering myself with keys for high level of negotiation. I recommend Erich to anyone in wish to leverage his trading profile.

Corporate Strategic Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson Europe BV

Negotiation skills are critical in today's competitive landscape. I would highly recommend reaching out to Erich if you're interested in expanding your knowledge of the negotiation process and how to be successful in negotiations with your business, and even personal life!
Hunter Kloubec

Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

We had the great pleasure of @erichrifenburgh speaking at our 2023 Sales summit. We know what ABC’s are…ABL!!! Thank you for the many nuggets! Follow Erich for more info. #alwaysbelearning
Kellie Reed

Vice President | Healthcare | Management | Leadership | Strategic Planning | Business Development at Tangram Interiors

We had Erich come speak at our 2nd Annual national sales meeting this year. The subject for the day focused on negotiation tactics and allowed for us to role play and deep dive different situations to improve our strategic negating skills. Erich was both informative and fun, so we invited him to spend the evening with us celebrating our President Circle winners from the year prior! I would highly recommend him to spend time with any sales organization. It’s easy to realize that we barely scratched the surface in the day we spent together. He’s a master at his skill.
Amber Jones

Vice President of Sales -Dallas Based at Tangram Interiors

After my first training session with Erich, I was sold on his deep knowledge and experience. So much so, I asked that he visit SoCal and train our entire sales organization. He held court over 3+ hours of storytelling, training, and group activity that left us better equipped for the large and small negotiations that happen every day in our business. What really struck me, however, was Erich's enthusiasm for our company. He joined our President's Circle event later that day as an audience member, and was sincerely riveted and connected to the event. I'm grateful for Erich's wisdom now being part of Tangram's collective dialogue, and for his genuine passion for the work of sales organizations.
Nick Meter

Vice President, Sales + Customer Experience at Tangram Interiors.

We got in touch with Erich as we were evaluating a few external vendors to join forces with to create a negotiation training to complement our ongoing efforts to build a stronger and better sales force for CH Robinson in Europe. We decided to go with Erich as he came highly recommended and in our conversations with him, his unique ability to truly understand our business and the fact that he would not settle for anything less than perfect when it came to make the trainings relevant and applicable for the day-to-day situation of our Sales and Account management teams stood out. Once we kicked the trainings off, our expectations were high but Erich delivered beyond those. ..It is definitely worth the time...
Christoffer Haldemar

Sales Director at C.H. Robinson

I had the opportunity to participate in one of Erich's negotiation training in November 2022. He has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share. As a sales executive, I need to adapt my negotiation strategy constantly, and I should keep learning new strategies. Erich's training was very informative in that sense. He allowed us to work on different business cases. The training was engaging and interactive because we had the chance to role-play. Many issues changed the perspective of my perception of the approach to negotiations.
Dawid Kubala

Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson

I can strongly recommend Erich and his Negotiation Experience training. It's all about practice, based on case study stories. He is not a person which is only available for you during the training, but also open to follow up or give advice at any time when it's needed. Thank you for that!
Marcin Bentkowski

Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson

Dear reader, I had the privilege of attending one of Erich's classes last week. It was a very useful class with a lot of interaction, business stories, and transparency. Overall, Erich taught me a lot and helped me organize and prepare better for my negotiations. I would definitely recommend him! Sincerely, Dax
Dax Korteland

Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson

I had the opportunity to participate in Erich's two-day Negotiation Training. I was concerned about staying focused for long, but his story-telling abilities and valuable insights into our industry kept my attention the entire training. The sessions were also very interactive and engaging. I have already started to put in practice what I learned from him.
Zeliha Ergin

Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson

I can definitely recommend Erich for the Negotiations Training. He has years of experience, is a great storyteller (he has a lot of interesting stories to tell) and takes the participants on a journey through the mystical world of Negotiating! Which is, as we all know, a different kind of world with a different kind of approach. With his many stopovers in his journey, he makes every aspect of the training refreshing, exciting and it's worth to pay attention. At the end of the day, you will have learnt, remembered, practised and discovered what negotiation is alle about. Learn how the negotiate? Contact Erich!
Morris Kraaijeveld

Manager Account Management at C.H. Robinson

Erich is a great coach who pushes us to think out of the box and get the very best of our skills ! Great story telling which helps a lot to better understand how to put knowledges info practice ! Very inspiring training! Thank you!
Jerome Husson

Branch manager at C.H. Robinson

Went into the class not liking negotiations because I didn’t have the training and tools necessary to be successful. Erich was charismatic, interesting, and packed a lot in the time we had together. I left the class confident I had the tools and training needed and immediately began negotiations at work with customers.
Jeffery Theys

General Manager at Milwaukee Electronics

I use the skills and strategies Erich taught me in his Sales Negotiation Training constantly, both personally and professionally. Erich has changed the way I approach every single interaction. His collaborative negotiating strategies can be applied in any situation, and they have been instrumental in my team's performance. Thanks Erich!
Garreth Condron

Technical Sales Representative at Composites One

Erich's negotiation training brought me practical tools that immediately impacted a critical customer negotiation I was conducting. Application of Erich's training accelerated a real-life win-win deal for me, my company and my customer. The role-play portions of the class were crafted brilliantly to cultivate a real-life experience, like a scrimmage before 'the big game.' I heartily encourage anyone looking to sharpen their negotiation skills, where a rookie or a seasoned veteran, to sign up for The Negotiation Experience!
David Donkin

Director, Wastewater Solutions at United Conveyor Corporation

Negotiation is what I do most of the time as a Mediator. Yet, I learned so much from attending Erich's Negotiation Training. I find the assessment and report "Conflict Mode Instrument" quite helpful. The training teaches us how to read situations with different personalities and negotiation styles which I found powerful in any business setting and work environment. My gratitude to Erich for sharing his deep knowledge with me.
Nhi Aronheim

Marketing Specialist at Citywide Home Loans

I recently took Erich's Negotiation Experience class and it was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had throughout college and my professional career. In 12 hours of time over 3, 4 hour sessions I learned more about selling styles and techniques through Erich's real world stories and role play than I knew was possible. If you are looking to take your selling to the next level, do yourself a favor and sign up for this class.
Andrew Nightingale

Account Executive at DocuSign

The sales & procurement negotiation training seminar that Erich taught was an invaluable experience to me. From providing the foundation to using preparation skills to introducing different negotiation techniques gave me the confidence and competence at the negotiation table. I can honestly say that your seminar has rounded me to become a more rounded professional. Thanks Erich!
Tomasz C.

Operations Manager at Amazon

Erich's negotiation skills training course was well worth the time and cost. I came away learning a little bit more about myself (strengths and weaknesses), new ways of thinking about my negotiation counterpart, and tools to use for future negotiations. Abundant class time was dedicated to role playing to practice the concepts taught, which was a great way for class participants to learn from each other. I’ve recommended this class to my peers in the local procurement community. Thank you, Erich!
Melinda Hubbard

Associate Director - Discovery Research Procurement at Takeda

I recently took his Negotiation Experience training. Erich is a very effective teacher of a practical and effective negotiation process that he developed with his expertise and experiences. I highly recommend his course as it will be very beneficial to my career as the knowledge will greatly improve my ability to negotiate.
John Barickman

Sr. Manager Procurement Excellence at Avery Dennison

I had a fantastic experience participating in Erich's profitable negotiation training course. I was lucky enough to experience this twice and cannot wait to put this to practice! Erich is a passionate teacher and truly cares about the success of the people he trains. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is responsible for negotiating in their career. You will not be disappointed!
Shane Khalaf

Director, Enterprise Sales at Capstone Logistics

A true storyteller! I learned a lot from Erich's training and feel more confident and prepared when it comes to working together with my clients to understand their challenges, develop robust solutions and create long-lasting relationships. I will carry this knowledge with me throughout my career!"
Crystal Gibbes

Sales Executive at C.H.Robinson



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