One-Day Master Class

Executives who have limited time but could benefit from improving their negotiations love our one-day master class. It’s also a favorite for learning and development organizations who are looking to add a negotiation module to their leadership development programs.

In this one-day class, we focus on presenting only the most relevant negotiation principles and tools. Our goal is to give you the most impactful negotiation training experience in the shortest amount of time. We do this by pairing real-world negotiation stories with essential negotiation principles that all B2B negotiation must understand. We drive lessons home with short impactful roleplays

What can you expect from your investment?

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An introduction to negotiations secrets all B2B negotiators much know about.

A trainer with real-world B2B negotiating experience, not a professional presenter.

Negotiation stories that connect negotiation principles to your world.

An engaging experience that will have participants asking for more.

Introduction to a negotiation process that makes preparation for your complex B2B negotiations manageable.

An understanding of how to prevent your negotiations from becoming single-issue competitive encounters.


Executives & Managers


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