Are you looking for a highly practical topic delivered by a credible expert with experience in the the world of high stakes B2B negotiations? If so, join hundreds of others who have attending our negotiation best practice talks.

In this 60 to 90 minute talk, Erich shares tools and tactics that he and his team has used to close hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of deals from the front lines. Audience members will receive valuable information that they can use immediately after.



We had Erich come speak at our 2nd Annual national sales meeting this year. The subject for the day focused on negotiation tactics and allowed for us to role play and deep dive different situations to improve our strategic negating skills. Erich was both informative and fun, so we invited him to spend the evening with us celebrating our President Circle winners from the year prior! I would highly recommend him to spend time with any sales organization. It’s easy to realize that we barely scratched the surface in the day we spent together. He’s a master at his skill.

Amber Jones
Vice President of Sales -Dallas Based
Tangram Interiors

After my first training session with Erich, I was sold on his deep knowledge and experience. So much so, I asked that he visit SoCal and train our entire sales organization. He held court over 3+ hours of storytelling, training, and group activity that left us better equipped for the large and small negotiations that happen every day in our business. What really struck me, however, was Erich's enthusiasm for our company. He joined our President's Circle event later that day as an audience member, and was sincerely riveted and connected to the event. I'm grateful for Erich's wisdom now being part of Tangram's collective dialogue, and for his genuine passion for the work of sales organizations.

Nick Meter
Vice President, Sales + Customer Experience
Tangram Interiors.


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