About us

The Negotiation Experience specializes in bespoke negotiation solutions. We create our solutions with our client's needs in mind. Our core competency is the ability to instill within profit-focused organizations' superior negotiation capability and knowledge-based in real-world experience. Our clients' negotiations are characterized by challenging deals with sophisticated counterparts.

The Negotiation Experience encourages our clients to go with us on a negotiation training journey. Our experience shows that clients who see the highest return on their training investment make negotiation training a continuous process. They do this by spreading out our engagement over an extended period. Typically, six months. We start with training negotiation principles and tools, assess progress through online tests, share negotiation successes within the team and then reinforce training through roleplaying. Clients who follow this process typically see 3X to 10X return on their investment.



Erich Rifenburgh
Expert Negotiator and Speaker
Josee Roberge
Operations and Marketing
Stephen Rutan
Negotiation Trainer


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