Negotiation Skills

Stop Paying the Ignorance Tax

by Erich Rifenburgh

Shortcut your way to negotiation mastery.

Consider this: Your inability to close high-value deals is a tax you're unknowingly paying for not having a process to prepare for your negotiation.

If you're solely relying on learning from your own mistakes instead of seeking guidance from those who have already made those mistakes, you're subjecting yourself to an ignorance tax.

The same holds true for organizations.

Imagine if your sales team lacks a systematic process to prepare for negotiations. In that case, your company is unknowingly paying the ignorance tax. Just think about the tremendous value left on the table when your team learns from their mistakes instead of being equipped with the right negotiation skills. Many of you have seen this.

When your team receives the proper negotiation training they

Stop giving things away and start trading

Close deals faster because they do better pre negotiation discovery.

Maximize deal value through trade optimization.

Work cohesively as a team because they use a shared negotiation vocabulary.

Stop focusing on the things they can't control and start focusing on a process.

By investing in negotiation training, you liberate your team from the ignorance tax and unlock a world of untapped potential.




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