Negotiation Tips

The best negotiators Have a co-pilot by their side, Here's why

by Erich Rifenburgh

Negotiation as a team is much like a rally driver and co-pilot working together in a race. The rally driver is responsible for maneuvering the vehicle through the twists and turns of the negotiation process, while the co-pilot gives guidance and points out hazards along the way.

The best negotiating teams have strong communication, trust, and collaboration between the driver and co-pilot. The driver must be able to listen carefully to the co-pilot's input and consider their suggestions, while the co-pilot must clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas to the driver.

In a negotiation, the driver's role is to take the lead and drive the conversation forward. They are responsible for setting the pace and direction of the negotiation and making decisions that ultimately determine the outcome. On the other hand, the co-pilot plays a more supportive role, providing the driver with valuable insights and information that can help them make better decisions.

One of the key benefits of this team approach to negotiation is that it allows both parties to bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. The driver can draw on their experience and skills to guide the negotiation. At the same time, the co-pilot can provide valuable insights and ideas that the driver may not have considered.

Overall, negotiation as a team is a powerful tool that allows both parties to work together to achieve their goals. By combining the driver's and co-pilot's skills and expertise, teams can navigate the complex and often challenging negotiation landscape and emerge with a mutually beneficial outcome.

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