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Preventing Backdoor Selling

Your company’s number one problem is that your employees are leaking valuable information to your customer and suppliers. This information is being used against you in your negotiations.

How do we know this?

We have trained hundreds of sales and procurement professionals on the value of gathering information before negotiating.

How are they using the information?

Your customers are using this information to ensure that they are getting the lowest possible prices and maximum concessions with you while negotiating. Image the damage that done to you when your customer realizes that need them more than you are letting on.

The salespeople at your suppliers are masters at going around procurement and gathering information from everyone. They are going to engineering, operations, human resources, accounting, customer service, sales, quality, product managers, etc. to get the leverage they need to ensure that you pay more.

Let us help you get this problem under control and build awareness in your company as to the dangers of sharing critical information with your customers and suppliers. It could save you millions!

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Post-Training Supplemental Material

Post Training Assessments

Follow-up is a key part of the learning journey. To that end, thirty days after training, we send participants an online open book test via an emailed link. This exercise brings key negotiation principles back to the forefront of the participant's minds and allows us to assess what concepts they are using.

We ask that our clients set aside time to review the results with us. During this discussion, we will coach you, our client, on what concepts training participants require reinforcement. In addition to testing knowledge of negotiation concepts, we ask participants to share stories about negotiations they have been in since training. This feedback gives us insight into what's working and their results.

Ongoing Training

Like any advanced skill, such as learning a new language, developing strong negotiation skills takes time and practice. To that end, we encourage our clients to keep the learning journey going. Your investment in training includes online access to our Negotiation Training Supplemental Material for up to one year after course completion. This online resource includes videos of essential negotiation principles and tools, the negotiation game plan, negotiation tips, and real-world stories.

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