Preventing Backdoor Selling

Your company’s number one problem is that your employees are leaking valuable information to your customer and suppliers. This information is being used against you in your negotiations.

How do we know this?

We have trained hundreds of sales and procurement professionals on the value of gathering information before negotiating.

How are they using the information?

Your customers are using this information to ensure that they are getting the lowest possible prices and maximum concessions with you while negotiating. Image the damage that done to you when your customer realizes that need them more than you are letting on.

The salespeople at your suppliers are masters at going around procurement and gathering information from everyone. They are going to engineering, operations, human resources, accounting, customer service, sales, quality, product managers, etc. to get the leverage they need to ensure that you pay more.

Let us help you get this problem under control and build awareness in your company as to the dangers of sharing critical information with your customers and suppliers. It could save you millions!

Prevent Backdoor Selling
(online self-paced training)

One of your company’s biggest negotiation challenges is that your people are giving away valuable information to your suppliers. In this online experience, we train everyone outside of your procurement organization to spot backdoor selling and to stop giving away valuable information.  

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You have suppliers that are communicating with stakeholders in your company other than procurement/sourcing.
If your suppliers are pre-negotiating deals before it hits procurement's desk.
If your suppliers always seem to be one step ahead of you in your negotiations.


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